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UT Women’s Lacrosse was formed back in 1993 for UT students passionate about the sport of lacrosse.  Since then, the team has come a long way by recruiting some of the best women athletes in the state, winning state championships, and attending the National Club Lacrosse Championship tournament in 2002, 2004,2009, 2010, and 2011.  

The team is typically comprised of approximately thirty players.  All of the girls are great athletes with an estimated 90% who played at the high school level.  However, the team is not limited to those with prior experience.  We welcome the opportunity to teach more women the sport and allow them to develop a deep interest and passion about lacrosse.  We ask that all of our players exhibit commitment, integrity, passion, and a great work ethic on and off the field.  

UT lacrosse is a club level sport, which means we receive some funding and sponsorship from RecSports.  The rest of our income is earned through dues and fundraisers.  The students provide all administrative support through our Officer positions and make all decisions regarding the direction of the team.  

UT Women’s Lacrosse plays in the Texas Women’s Lacrosse League (TWLL) under the US lacrosse sponsored Women's Division Intercollegiate Association (WDIA).  Other teams within TWLL include: A&M, Texas State, Texas Tech, Baylor, Trinity, TCU, Sam Houston State, Rice, SFA, Austin College, Southwestern, SMU, and UNT.  The top four teams compete in the TWLL Championships for the title of first place in the state of Texas.  Depending on the number of TWLL teams that join the WDIA that year, the first place winner from TWLL could receives a bid to compete in the WDIA National Championships against the top 12 teams in the nation.  

In Spring 2011, our record was 14-5 for regular season play and we finished 10th overall at Nationals.

With a great core of players returning this year, the team has high expectations for the 2012 season.  There is also a high priority to recruiting new players.  Although a majority of new players on the team will have experience from high school, all athletes are welcome to join.  The first weeks of fall practice are a great time to come out and learn what the sport is all about before you commit to joining the team!

We thank everyone for your continued support and we hope that you will share in our successes this season.  Hook ‘Em Horns!

UT Lacrosse is sponsored by RecSports and TWLL




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