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January 1999

Researcher Offers Wild Ride Through History

(CNNS, 01/20/99) -- William L. Avery, writing in the Spring 1977 issue of Conspiracy Digest, a newsletter connected to A-Albionic Research, offers his own version of history. How true Avery's version is CNNS leaves to the reader. But Avery at least gives a wild ride.

"The Conspiracy" goes back to 400 B.C., in Great Britain. "The Battle of the Trees" was the culmination of a religious revolution which replaced the seven-letter name of God (nature) with an eight-letter name, "dedicated to the suffocation and extinction of all organic process..."

That, says Avery, is the root of the problem: the rise of anti-life forces, signified by an anti-life God whose name is spelled with 8 letters.

Avery jumps all over the place in his essay, "A Look At The Hamburg-London Axis."

The acquisition of the British throne by Hamburg (Germany) "gained its first impetus in the murder of Charles I in 1649 by the mercantile element of the City of London... The mercantile revolutionaries who murdered Charles I replaced the 'Divine Right of Kings' with the 'Divine Right of Parliament.'"

The Revolution of 1688, from what CNNS can discern in Avery's disjointed ramblings, put William III, a "Dutch stooge" of the mercantilists, on the throne of England. This worked to the benefit of the East India Company.

Hamburg, says Avery, seized Britain "in 1714 through the Act of Succession when the German-speaking Elector of Hanover became the King of England as George I. His son George II never learned to speak English either."

The concept of the "Divine Right of Parliament" was challenged by King George III, "a true Englishman who attempted to throw off the mercantile yoke of the Parliament."

The East India Company, "operating with the mercantile element in Holland and Germany," precipitated the American Revolution, says Avery. They did this by stealing the American colonists money by prohibiting the use of the colonial paper money.

(Avery may be right. CNNS recollects that the American colonies prospered by their use of "scrip" money.)

World War I was "the Rockefeller-Prussian victory over the Morgan-Rothschild clique."

The Satanic, anti-Nature, worshippers of the eight-letter God are personified in the chemical empire of the Rockefeller-Farben Elite, according to Avery. This Elite is "designed to rescue mankind, so they believe, from its organic debt to nature, and impose upon him an utter slavery to the satanic principle..."

Political Calvinism, Social Darwinism, "and Inquisitorial Marxism (i.e. Matriarchy-for-the-Masses) are all one and the same -- three aspects of the satanic Nazi mentality which abhors all organic nature and natural process, as their I.G. Farben poison-manufactories testify."

A further clue to Rockefeller evil, says Avery, can be seen in "the new name of Standard Oil's Esso -- the EXXON." Avery claims that the Merriam-Webster unabridged dictionary defines "exon" as "the promise that the United States is to be the true Hitlerite Israel known as Judah... while the false Israel will be enslaved..."

Avery praises Oswald Spengler's book, "Decline of the West," as "probably the most stupendous and thoroughly revealing volume ever written on the history of the Western World and its rationale."

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