Nancy Heger

Nancy Heger

At times I may be considered a behavioral ecologist and at other times I am a physiological ecologist, but one thing is for certain, I have always been interested in ecology and behavior for as long as I can remember. I received a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Biology and Psychology as well as a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology from Oakland University, Rochester, MI in 1983. In 1987, I received a Masters of Science in Zoology from Oklahoma State University under the guideance of Dr. Stanley F. Fox. My Master's thesis was entitled, " Genetic Variation in Sceloporus undulatus: effects of gene flow, isolation, and selection.

After graduation, I worked as a college instructor at El Reno Jr. College (El Reno, Oklahoma) and Oklahoma City Community College. Courses taught included, Introductory Zoology, Introductory Biology, and Microbiology. Thereafter, I served as a laboratory technician for Dr. Victor Hutchison in the Zoology Department at the University of Oklahoma.

My desire to design and do my own research grew stronger and stronger until it was inevitable that I enter graduate school again. I am currently finishing my PhD in Zoology at the University of Texas at Austin under the guidance of Dr. Eric Pianka. For my dissertation research I focused on the impact of body size on ectotherm thermoregulatory strategy. My research included an assessment of various physiological aspects of thermoregulation as well as the costs and benefits of large size on thermoregulatory ability, the use of biophysical models to predict body temperature under various conditions, and the use of temperature-sensitive radio transmitters to investigate the thermal regime of Varanus giganteus under field conditions. The data from this research is currently being prepared for publication.

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