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The following is a list of books we feel are relevant for the study of ancient Sparta. It is by no means exhaustive nor scholarly-academic journals are noticeably absent-but the bibliographies in many of the non-fiction titles should direct the reader to such sources. Blue, underlined titles are linked to their respective reviews.

Ancient Sources

The Histories
trans. Aubrey de Sélincourt (1954)
Penguin edition
Cornelius Nepos
Lives of Famous Men
trans. Gareth Schmeling (1971)
Colorado Press, KS
Diodorus Siculus
History, Books IX­XII
trans. C.H. Oldfather
Loeb Classical Library edition, Volume IV
Guide to Greece
trans. Peter Levi (1971)
Penguin edition (two volumes)
trans. John Dryden (1864 revision)
Modern Library edition
Particularly Instituta Laconia (Customs of the Spartans), Apophthegmata Laconia (Sayings of the Spartans), and Lacaenarum Apophthegmata (Sayings of Spartan Women).
trans. Frank Cole Bannitt (1931)
Loeb Classical Library edition, Volume III
The Peloponnesian War
trans. Rex Warner (1954)
Penguin edition
trans. Rex Warner (1966)
Penguin edition
Scripta Minora
Particularly Constitution of the Spartans.
trans. E.C. Marchant (1925)
Loeb Classical Library edition
Various Sources
Greek Lyrics
trans. Richmond Lattimore
U. of Chicago: 1960 (2nd ed.)
Greek Lyric Poetry
trans. Willis Barnstone
Schocken: NY, 1972


The Spartans: An Epic History
Paul Cartledge
Channel Four Books: U.K., 2002
The Greek and Macedonian Art of War
F.E. Adcock
U. of California: 1957
Military Theory and Practice in the Age of Xenophon
J.K. Anderson
U. of California: 1970
Robin Barrow
Allen & Unwin: U.K., 1975
Chronology of the Ancient World
E.J. Bickerman
Cornell U.: 1968
The Battle for the West: Thermopylae
Ernle Bradford
McGraw-Hill: NY, 1980
Keith Branigan and Michael Vickers
McGraw-Hill: NY, 1980
The Pelican History of Greece
A.R. Burn
Penguin: U.K., 1966
Persia and the Greeks: The Defense of the West, 546-478 B.C.
A.R. Burn
Minerva Press: NY, 1968
The Warring States of Greece
A.R. Burn
McGraw-Hill: NY, 1968
The Living Past of Greece
A.R. and Mary Burn
Little, Brown: Boston, 1980
A History of Greece
J.B. Bury
Modern Library edition (1913)
Sparta and Laconia: A Regional History,
1300-362 B.C.
Paul Cartledge
Routledge: U.K., 1979
Hellenistic and Roman Sparta
Paul Cartledge and Antony Spawforth
Routledge: U.K., 1989
The Greek and Persian Wars, 500-323 B.C.
Jack Cassin-Scott
Osprey: U.K., 1977
Ancient Sparta
K.M.T. Chrimes
Manchester U.: U.K., 1949
The Greek Armies
Peter Connolly
Macdonald Educational: U.K., 1978
(Note: This book was later combined into Greece and Rome at War. Currently out of print, but well worth seeking out, mainly in part to the beautiful care given to the illustrations.)
Greece and Rome at War
Peter Connolly
Prentice-Hall: NJ, 1981
Warfare in Ancient Greece
Pierre Ducrey
Schocken: NY, 1986
The Spartans
L.F. Fitzhardinge
Thames & Hudson: U.K., 1980
A History of Sparta: 950-192 B.C.
W.G. Forrest
Norton: NY, 1969
The Greco-Persian Wars
(original title: Xerxes At Salamis, 1970)
Peter Green
U. of California: 1996 (rev. ed.)
The Western Way of War: Infantry Battle in Classical Greece
Victor Davis Hanson
Knopf: NY, 1989
Hoplites: The Classical Greek Battle Experience
Victor Davis Hanson, ed.
Routledge: U.K., 1993
Armies of the Macedonian and Punic Wars:
359-146 B.C.
Duncan Head
Wargames Research Group: U.K., 1982
The Ancient Spartans
J.T. Hooker
Dent: U.K., 1980
Early Sparta
G.L. Huxley
Faber: U.K., 1962
A.H.M. Jones
Harvard U.: 1967
(reprinted by Barnes & Noble, 1994)
The Spartan Army
J.F. Lazenby
Aris & Phillips: U.K., 1985
Atlas of the Greek World
Peter Levi
Facts on File: NY, 1980
Alan Lloyd
Random House: NY, 1973
The Spartan Rhetra
John Longhurst, ed.
Coronado Press: KS, 1970
The Greek Experience
Evi Melas, ed.
Dutton: NY, 1974
Humphrey Michell
Cambridge U.: U.K., 1964
Greece and Rome
National Geographic Society
Washington, DC, 1968
Armies of the Greek and Persian Wars:
500-350 B.C.
Richard Nelson
Wargames Research Group: U.K., 1978
The Lion in the Gateway
Mary Renault
Harper & Row: NY, 1964
The Ancient Greeks
Nick Sekunda
Osprey: U.K., 1986
The Spartan Army
Nick Sekunda
Osprey: U.K., 1998
Warfare in the Classical World
John Warry
St. Martin's: NY, 1980
Life in Greece in Ancient Times
Paul Werner
Liber: Switz., 1977
Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Classical World
Michael Avi Yonah and Israel Shatzman
Harper & Row: NY, 1975
Ancient Greece: An Illustrated History
Peter Green
Thames & Hudson: U.K., 1973
The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Greece
Robert Morkot
Penguin: U.K., 1996
Arms and Armour of the Greeks
A.M. Snadgrass
Cornell U.: 1967


Valerio Massimo Manfredi
Macmillan: London, 2002
Gates of Fire
Steven Pressfield
Doubleday: NY, 1998
The 300 Spartans
John Burke
Signet: NY, 1962
A Victor of Salamis
William Sterns Davis
Macmillian: NY, 1907
Lion of Macedon
David Gemmell
Del Rey/Ballantine: NY, 1990
Tell Them in Sparta (alt. cover)
Roderick Milton
Methuen: U.K., 1962
Goat Song
Frank Yerby
Dell: NY, 1967

Comics, Film, Television

Lion of Sparta
Movie Classics
Dell Comics, January 1963
(five-issue miniseries by Frank Miller)
Dark Horse Comics
May-Sept. 1998
The 300 Spartans
20th Century-Fox, 1962 -- 114 m.
Dir. Rudolph Maté.
Classic Greek Film Music (single CD)
Silva Screen Records
SSD 1052 (1995)
Warriors of the Silver Screen (double CD)
Silva Screen Records
SSD 1081 (1997)
(Both of the above contain "The Spartan March" composed by Manos Hadjidakis for the 1962 film The 300 Spartans, performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic.)
Musique de la Grèce Antique (LP)
Harmonia Mundi (FR)
HM 1015 (1979)



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