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Last Updated: October 9, 2004


Welcome to the Sparta Pages! This website is devoted to providing information on ancient Sparta, and to a lesser extent, the ancient Greek military as a whole. It is our goal that the information be presented in a manner that is both interesting and understandable to visitors from all walks of life.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer, and if you have suggestions on content, or wish to submit content yourself, please drop us a line. (Note: We reserve the right to select submitted articles at our discretion. Please discuss this with us prior to submitting your content.)

More recently, we have been heavily promoting The Phalanx discussion group, which has ballooned in size and is almost always very active. You might have already noticed the small ads on the left column of every page on this site. We recommend that if you have further questions that you send your inquiries to The Phalanx.

A subject that has come up often on The Phalanx has been the availability of reproduction Greek arms and armor, as well as the availability of re-enactment groups. On several occasions, the reenactors among the group have provided valuable insight into battle and formation dynamics in the phalanx. As a token of assistance to this burgeoning community, we have posted a guide for obtaining reproduction Greek arms and armor.

There is much more to the site than can be listed on this page alone. Use the navigation bars at the top to explore the articles we have created. Come back frequently, since as always, this site is under construction!

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