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Granitic Phases....Granite Research on the WWW

The first 2 abstracts are enhanced with a few links to photos and figures. It is not easy to make relevant and coherent links from an abstract not constructed for that purpose.

Ductile deformation in granites and contact metamorphic rocks, Llano Uplift, central Texas.

Evidence for solid-state deformation of ~1.1 Ga "anorogenic" granites in the Llano Uplift.

Emplacement and deformation of late syn-orogenic to post-orogenic granites in the Grenvillian Llano uplift, central Texas: a preliminary report Text only so far.

To save space on this page I've moved links to text-only abstracts to a separate page.

Posters, Field Trips, etc.

An improved version of the poster session I presented at the 3rd Hutton Symposium:
A complex strain and intrusion fabric related to trans-solidus deformation: The Wolf Mountain Intrusion, Llano Uplift, Texas.
Mostly there but needs a few additional images.

Bill Landenberger from the University of Newcastle shows off his Hutton Symposium II poster. Origin and Significance of Mafic Enclaves in Peraluminous A-type Granites: Examples from Northeastern New South Wales, Australia.

AND his Hutton Symposium III poster....S-type granite of the Hillgrove Plutonic Suite, New England Batholith, Eastern Australia: Partial Melting Products of an Intermediate Greywacke Source.

Magmatic Shear Zone in the Kimberleys (Western Australia) by Patrice Rey

Granites at Wilsons Promontory (Victoria, Australia) by Patrice Rey

Michael Cunningham from Trinity College, Dublin and his research on granite in the Yosemite Valley

6-km Vertical Cross Section Through Porphyry Copper Deposits, Yerington District, Nevada: Multiple Intrusions, Fluids, and Metal Sources
by Marco T. Einaudi, Stanford University

Granite Structures from the South Mountain Batholith of Nova Scotia by D. Barrie Clarke

U.S. Granite erosion rates from the University of Vermont
Aussie Granite erosion rates from UofV as well (it's a cosmogenic isotope project)

Computer x-ray tomography of graphic granite from the people we hide in the basement.

I'm not sure I approve of doing this to granites,
Positron Emission Tomography of Granites from Frank Emert at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland.

A discussion of some California geology (Pt. Reyes), including granitic rocks

Magmatic Enclaves

This research page on Ascension Island Geology is far too mafic and extrusive to be here, but it's an excellent example of what can be done with geology on the WWW.

Information on the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano in Costa Rica from here at the University of Texas.


Quote of the Indefinite Time Period
(used without permission, so sue me)
"anorogenic" (what a silly term. How can you have an anorogenic tectonic setting? Only we petrologists could maintain that contradiction of terms in the literature!)
-- Bill Collins, University of Newcastle, sharing his wisdom via the granite e-mail discussion group

Information about an e-mail discussion group focussing on Granite.

Dr. Baker's Granite Meeting Page

some intermediate level information about granitic rocks....
The Llano Uplift...Proterozoic rocks in central Texas, almost 50% are granites.
This is where I did my dissertation.

or skip the non-granite stuff and go to:
The Town Mountain Granite

Some interesting tourmaline pods from the Stone Mountain Granite, Georgia.

Blue Quartz from the Llano Uplift of Texas

Xenoliths, Enclaves and the Contact Aureole

Turn down the brightness on your monitor, it's the Probe Image of the Week from the probe gnomes at UMass....

Sedimentary Structures, Paleo-weathering and Protoliths of Metamorphic Rocks, Grenvillian Llano Uplift, Central Texas. Mostly text, at this point.

Larry Meinert's excellent Skarn Web Page.

Textures and metamorphic reaction kinetics
D.J. Waters, Oxford University

what's left after you remove the melt.....

Mr. Froede does an excellent job of reviewing "uniformitarian" ideas about the formation of Stone Mtn. Georgia, and the Stone Mtn. Granite, and then he talks about the Alleghanian Orogeny being caused by "The Flood". Young Earth Creationists say the darndest things.

Robert Gentry on the World Wide Web. A review of his geology shows that he couldn't pick a granite out of a lineup.

Polar Publishing, Home of the Granitizers: The Hydric Earth, Expanding Geospheres, etc. But I can't find anywhere on the page any insight into the effect of the "expanding Earth" on the real estate market.

for beginning Geologists: the above links are not presented because I believe that there is any merit to their "science" at all, but as a warning about the dangers to Science of the Disinformation Stuporhighway.

Links to other geology places

Question: How many Aggies does it take to make a Big Bend Web site?
Answer: take a look

Yahoo Geology Site

Geology E-Mail Groups
No granite, but someplace for the lesser geologists to go.

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