The Palaces of the Moscow Kremlin

The Grand Kremlin Palace

Along the South wall of the Kremlin, overlooking the Moscow River, you will find the Grand Kremlin Palace. The new imperial residence, commissioned by Czar Nicholas I in 1838. It was the largest structure in the Kremlin, some 500,000 square feet, that cost 11 million rubles to build. It was designed to link the older Terem Palace and Palace of Facets, with its new and glorious reception halls, a ceremonial red staircase, and private Imperial Apartments.

The Terem Palace

Next to the Palace of the Facets, cite of the ceremonial thrones, is the household of the Czar, Terem Palace. The original Terem Palace was commissioned by Ivan the Great, nearly 500 years ago, but most of the palace you see today was built in the 17th Century by the first two Czars of the Romanov Dynasty, Czars Mikhail and Alexey.

The Palace of Facets

The oldest secular building, here in the Kremlin, is the Palace of Facets, named for the unusual prismatic cuts in its limestone exterior. This was the place from where Russia's first Czar ruled. His name -- Ivan the Terrible (IV).

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