My philosophy as a teacher has always been to maintain the perception that the young minds sitting before me, or standing beside me during a laboratory exercise, are the future citizens of our world. I see my responsibility as a guide to my students so that they may grow towards the development of their own independence and efficacy with acumen, foresight, and patience as they become the leaders of their generation.

As a teacher of science I have always tried to instill in my own life as well as that of my students that science is not something to be uncomfortable with, or to utilize as a complete authority in itself, but rather to use as a tool with which to enhance lives; e.g., in safer health issues, in safer environmental issues, and in a clearer understanding of the nature of our physical world.

The miracle is that while convictions, per se, are not designed to change, the nature of science is that it is always changing as more and more minute details of what has always been present in our universe are discovered. Science is interesting, it is powerful; but it is only our minute understanding of a small part of a universe far more comprehensive than our present knowledge allows us to completely imagine. I try to instill in my students, "Respect these universal entities and marvel in them. As we are part of the universe, studying science is likened to studying one's heritage; and studying this heritage is one's guide toward universal truths."

My educational philosophy aligns completely with the philosophy of both my professional and personal life. It affects my attitude, influences my decisions, and directs my missions with others. My impact on youth through my years of teaching has proven to be successful; subsequently, I believe my philosophy is a successful "formula." I believe the impact that I have made within the educational community, and look forward toward opportunities to continue to make in this area, is that of acumen, foresight, and patience that at one time several very wonderful adults, some of them teachers, taught to me.