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PfBAP Image Gallery

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The PfBAP research area is in a 250,000 acre nature reserve, with only one modern road.



Seen from the air, the large buildings are our dining hall and dorm.



Inside our dining hall and kitchen.



Our lab and dorm. The bottom floor is for artifact storage and analysis. The upper floor has 8 quad dorm rooms.



Inside a typical dorm room.



The new "facilities".



Relaxing in camp.



We are surrounded by forest in camp. Local wildlife visits often.



Commuting...the morning walk to archaeological sites for field work.



We work in the outdoors, surrounded by tropical forest.



Uncovering an ancient Maya house at Dos Barbaras.



Ceramic vessels recovered by the PfBAP team from an ancient Maya tomb.



Turkey Vessel. An animal effigy pot from the PfBAP area.



Shell artifacts recovered by the PfBAP.



A human effigy ceramic vessel from the site of Ma'ax Na.



Reconstructed buildings at Tikal, Guatemala. An optional multi-day field trip to this site is offered.



Temple 1. A famous reconstructed Maya building at Tikal, Guatemala.



UT students and PfBAP volunteers visit Cahal Pech, western Belize, Spring 2001.



In the spring of 2001, on our way from Caracol, we paid a visit to the Five Sisters Falls.



HRH Princess Anne (r) visited the PfBAP camp in the spring of 2001 and chatted with PfBAP staff member Rissa Trachman (l).



UT Provost Sheldon Ekland-Olson visiting the PfBAP lab, with UT students Carmen Blanco (r) and Lisa Phillips (l).




October, 27, 2009
Mesoamerican Archaeological Research Laboratory at UT Austin
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