Some of the tablet woven bands I've made.

Klatu's rams horn Finally a rams horn band. Thanks to klatu's pattern in TWIST, Summer 2005, p. 9. Weft for leftmost 3 repeats was single; rest was doubled.
My first tablet woven tube, a choker. Modified from Linda Hendrickson's Tubular Cardwoven Neckpieces.
Two handspun llama fiber hatbands. Easier to weave using backstrap method, lots of tension, and hard beating.
My first tablet weaving. Cotton thread with red weft.
This pattern is from Candace Crockett's book. It is supposed to be the rams horn, but is not. I probably began the pattern in the wrong position. It's interesting anyway.
Chevrons and diamonds woven from handspun llama fiber. It was very difficult to weave since the hairs from adjacent threads had to be untangled before beating.
Egyptian diagonals in orange and green pearl cotton.
Royal Purple Diamonds Belt No. 23 from Card Weaving or Tablet Weaving by Russell E. Groff.
Purple and grey lines of handspun merino serve as a strap for a purple knitted/felted purse. I turned the cards forward for the entire length, causing the strap to gently spiral. I should have alternated directions occasionally.

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