Grace He Sun

Degree: B.S., Tianjiang University
M.S., Washington State University

Entered Group: Fall, 2007

Research Projects: Studies of Novel Enzyme Catalysis

Group Publications:

Sun, H. G.; Ruszczycky, M. W.; Chang, W.-c.; Thibodeaux, C. J.; Liu, H.-w. "Nucleophilic Participation of the Reduced Flavin Cofactor in the Mechanism of UDP-Galactopyranose Mutase." J. Biol. Chem. 2012, 287, 4602-4608.

Sasaki, E.; Zhang, X.; Sun, H. G.; Lu, M.-Y. J.; Liu, T.-l.; Ou, A.; Li, J.-y.; Chen. Y-h.; Ealick, S. E.; Liu, H.-w. "Exploiting Sulfur Carrier Proteins from Primary Metabolism for 2-Thiosugar Biosynthesis." Nature 2014, xxx, in press.