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WAG 407
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Research Interests

    Philosophy of Quantum Theory

    • Measurement
    • Nonlocality
    • Bohmian Mechanics
    • Quantum Chaos

    Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Theory

    • Rigged Hilbert Space
    • Algebraic Quantum Theory

    Philosophy of the Physical Sciences

    • Emergence
    • Peirce
    • Determinism
    • Evidence

Current Research Projects

    • Interpretive Aspects of Algebraic Quantum Theory
    • Realist Interpretation of the Rigged Hilbert Space Formulation of Quantum Mechanics
    • Emergence in Quantum Mechanics and the Physical Sciences
    • The Ergodic Hierarchy
    • Peirce's Metaphysics and Philosophy of Science

General Interests

    • Classical Guitar
    • Film
    • Literature
    • Cats


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