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Father Forgive Us
Father Forgive Us 30x40 inches oil on canvas

If you'd like to see more of my paintings based on the parables of Jesus go here.

I am working on several commisions and more paintings in my parable series. My other website www.bcartfarm.com is up and running and ready to sell prints of my work. Check it out!

If you are interested in purchasing one of these paintings please go to my commercial website www.bcartfarm.com

 James B. Janknegt
celebrates twenty
of painting:

Below are links to the archives of my work.

 I have organized the paintings so that they may be viewed several different ways:



Urban Landscape
Suburban Landscape
Still Life

Each of these pages has a list of paintings with a thumbnail. To see a larger version click on the title. You can page through each category from painting to painting without returning to the category page by clicking on next.

I have also included my resume and a curator's statement by Deborah Sokolove of the Dadian Gallery in Washington DC. Here is an article written by Ginger Geyer artist and curator at Laity Lodge.

James B. Janknegt Art HomePage is a non-commercial site strictly for your enjoyment, a place to see the paintings I have been working on for the past twenty years or so. If you are interested in buying a painting please go to my commercial site Brilliant Corners ArtFarm. The address is http://www.bcartfarm.com

Jim Jankgnet is an artist, a Christian (Catholic), who paints oil paintings some large, some small. He paints parables of Jesus, angels, Saints, demons (demonic paintings?), biblical stories and stories from the bible. He is a modern artist or maybe a post-modern artist I doubt you would call him a traditional artist. He has paintings for sale. He has been an Austin artist but is now an Elgin artist. You might wonder what he thinks about Christian art? Send him an email and ask him.

Thanks! Jim Janknegt

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