Ricoh 126C-Flex
Manufactured: 1969
Lens: Rikenon f/2.8, 55 mm 4-element
Shutter: Copal 1/30 - 1/300, B
Quantity Made:
Original List Price: $119.95
Country of Origin: Japan
Ricoh's SLR offering for the 126 cartridge was unique in the fact that it took screw-mount lenses. It was also the only one that offered both automatic (shutter-priority) and manual exposure. The supplied 55 mm lens is slightly telephoto for the 126 format. You could also buy a 35 mm wide-angle lens and a 100-mm telephoto. The lens ring accepts 52 mm filters. Flash provision is by flashcube socket, hotshoe, or PC connector. The meter is powered by a PX675 battery; the flashcube is fired by a 15-volt 504 (PX74) battery. Cable release and tripod sockets add to the versatility.

In a slightly modified form, this camera was sold by Sears as the Sears 126C-Flex, and by the German firm Foto-Quelle under the Revue label, presumably in Europe only.

I am trying to determine the production numbers of this camera. If you own one, please email me its serial number, found on the bottom plate. At this point I am only interested in the Ricoh model, not the Sears or Revue. Thank you.