Quickmatic EEM
Manufactured: 1967
Lens: D. Zuiko f/2.8, 36 mm 4-element
Shutter: 1/40, 1/200
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Country of Origin: Japan
This was one of only three cameras for the 126 cartridge that offered motorized film advance. It also included the same high-quality lens as the Trip 35. Autoexposure is governed by a selenium cell mounted around the lens. Focusing is by a feet/meter scale, with corresponding symbols shown in the finder. In the autoexposure mode, these symbols are covered by a red mask when the light level drops below the required level, and the shutter locks. Flash photography is available by means of flashcubes powered (along with the film advance) by 2 AA batteries. For flash shots you must couple the focus to the aperture manually, allowing you to shoot from 3 to 15 feet. Cable release and tripod sockets are also included. The lens ring is threaded for 43.5 mm filters, the same size as those used on the Trip 35. Film speeds in the range of 64/160 ASA are sensed automatically.

The figures on the focus ring are rather close together and far from the index, making precise focusing a little tricky. Since there is no "manual override" for the electric film advance, the camera becomes unusable if the batteries go dead in mid-roll.