Minox B
Manufactured: 1958-72
Lens: Complan f/3.5, 15 mm 4-element
Shutter: sliding leaf 1/2 - 1/1000, B, T
Quantity Made: 384,328
Original List Price: $169.95?
Country of Origin: Germany
Film Format: Minox (9.5 mm cartridge)
This was the most popular Minox camera, and the first to include a built-in meter. The image size is 8 x 11 mm, and the lens focusses from 8 in. to infinity, making it useful for copying documents. It accepts films with ASA ratings from 16 to 640. There are also built-in green and gray (neutral density or ND) filters. There is no f-stop setting, since the aperture is always wide open.