Instamatic 277-X
Manufactured: 1977-85
Lens: Reomar f/6.6, 41 mm 3-element
Shutter: 1/40, 1/80
Quantity Made:
Original List Price:
Country of Origin: UK
Made in England, this model sports five exposure settings from cloudy to sunny, selected by turning a ring on the lens mount. Attaching a magicube sets the camera to the slower shutter speed; the flash range is four to twelve feet. A warning flag swings into the finder when a used magicube bulb is in firing position. The date code in the film chamber of this example is YIIY, corresponding to a production date of July or August of 1980. The exposure settings correspond roughly to the following f-stops:

black cloud: f/6.6
cloud: f/8
hazy sun: f/11
sun: f/16
sun and sailboat: f/20

This was the last model of Kodak 126 sold in Europe.