261 Auto S
Manufactured: 1967-68
Lens: Hexanon f/2.8, 42 mm 4-element
Shutter: Seiko FLA 1/30 - 1/250
Quantity Made: 7,416+
Original List Price: $69.95?
Country of Origin: Japan
The 261 Auto S is a rather uncommon camera, as it was only produced for nine months, from May of 1967 to January of 1968. Its features include a coupled rangefinder, tripod socket, cable release socket, automatic film speed sensing (64 - 160 ASA), CdS cell, and parallax correction marks in the finder. It includes both automatic and flash exposure modes, flash being provided by flashcubes. In the automatic mode, the shutter locks and a red warning appears in the finder when the light level is too low. Unusually, in the flash mode, instead of setting the f-stop you set the ASA number of the film you have loaded. This couples the focussing mechanism to the aperture. The lens ring is threaded for 49 mm filters.