L. E. Gilbert

School of Biological Sciences
Section of Integrative Biology
The University of Texas

Austin, TX 78712

471-3878 FAX


Brackenridge Field Laboratory

Stengl "Lost Pines" Biological Field Station

 History of the Gilbert Lab


 Graduate Students


 Post-docs and visiting researchers






 Insect/Arachnid Stings/Bites


 Graduate field course in Costa Rica


Research interests:


phorid fly attacks imported fire ants Behavioral and community interaction of phorid flies and fire ants

   Ecology, systematics, and evolution of passionvines (Passifloraceae)

  Moth-spider-plant interactions

Evolutionary ecology of rainforest cucumbers (Cucurbitaceae: Psiguria, Gurania)

Behavior, ecology, and evolution of passionvine butterflies (Heliconius)

Mesquite and its role in South Texas ecosystems


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