Elizabeth Keating, PhD

Elizabeth Keating

My research addresses impacts of technology on society, particularly the role of technology in shaping innovation. Most recently I have been studying engineers who are working together in cross cultural teams, made possible due to advances in communication technologies. I have also researched societal impacts of mobile phones, the impact of computer mediated communication on American Sign Language, and impacts of massively multiplayer online role playing gaming on social interaction. My research has also considered the role of language in the emergence and peristence of systems of social inequality. I am interested in the part that language and other symbolic systems play in creating culture, including social hierarchies, art, habits of interpretation, specialized language practices, and cross cultural conflict. I have conducted fieldwork in Pohnpei (Micronesia), Germany, Romania, India, Brazil, and in the Austin Deaf community.


Deaf signers innovate with language use in technologically created space.

Beautiful Micronesia.
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