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Creative Research Lab

MFA 1 - March 2004

image of Kang's sculpture

Young-Min Kang
Hillerova's Faces
digital prints on PVC pipes

 As an artist, I'm interested in capturing the images or objects from digital media, architecture or cultural phenomenon and bringing them to a different context by "re-making." When they are changed into different spaces, dimensions, scales, and media, they start to provide the moment of clear vision about the media and our environment. The limit of media can be open by changing format of the information in them. I usually make a kind of replica by changing a 2-D image into 3-D object or taking 3-D objects into a 2-D space. The specific meaning of each work comes out in the detailed process of choosing images and manipulation. Sometimes, the meaning of the work can be extended consequently to cultural and social issues or to the artist's identity.

In my digital prints, pixels are emphasized by lowering the resolution of images and then bringing them out into the actual space in the form of installation or 3-D object. In this case, a pixel is a n effective connector between the virtual space and the actual one because of its literal and low-tech nature. In the final work, image, media, and actual space become engaged with each other though they were totally separate.

-Young-Min Kang