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Extra help for tricky grammar topics:


   Ser vs. Estar

Por and Para-- Jeffrey Evatt, Louisiana State University

Review of pronouns--  You've seen all of this information, but not all in the same place.
Irregular gender accord

Impersonal "se"

Verbs and verb therapy

Terapia de verbos

Terapia de verbos, segunda parte

Más terapia
Terapia de verbos irregulares

Verb conjugator (a Java-based tool that lets you enter a verb and see the conjugation OR take a quiz and find out right away whether your answers are right. A little slow to load, but worth the wait. One note; instructions are at the bottom of the page.)

 Stem-changing Verbs

Pretérito vs imperfecto -- Dr. Matthew Stroud, Trinity University
More about gustar

Introduction to the Subjunctive -- A PowerPoint slide presentation

Subjunctive Practice -- Dr. Matthew Stroud, Trinity University

Commands practice (a copy of the handout from class with answers at the bottom)

Verbos "especiales" en preterito-- Handout from class with notes and discussion

Comments on Exam 2 -- Includes study tips for the final.

Other places to go for help:

Success in a Spanish class often depends on a strong background in English grammar. Not sure exactly what the difference is between an adverb and a preposition? A little unclear on compound vs. complex sentences or dependent and independent clauses? The next source can help:

A Guide to Parts of Speech-- This page from Purdue University can help you recognize and identify parts of speech in English "A free online tutorial." You get what you pay for... Seriously, this is good for a quick review of topics from early in the first semester. Includes practice exercises.

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Commands (a visual aid) [under construction]

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