Welcome to the Anime Club at the University of Texas at Austin!

For 27 years, we have been providing anime fans at UT a place to meet, socialize, and watch anime. From classics of the medium to the latest titles from Japan, our weekly screenings have something for everyone!

We meet every Friday evening at 7:00 PM in Welch Hall, room 1.316. We meet throughout the full school year (fall, spring, and summer semesters). For a complete listing of current events, including any exceptions to the usual meeting place or time, please see the current semester’s schedules.

All of our events are free and open to the public, so please feel free to come by and check us out! For more information about our organization and activities, and to learn the awesome benefits of full membership, check out the links at the top of the page.

We hope to see you at the next meeting!

Latest news and updates

As was foretold by the Ancients (or at least, as was announced by the Officers at each meeting for the past month or so), the grand Halloween Cosplay Contest (And General Excuse For Another Party) is upon us! Come to tonight’s meeting (October 31st, Halloween itself!) in costume for a chance to win fabulous prizes, untold fame, and glory beyond compare! (We’ll take care of the prizes; fame and glory should follow accordingly.)

Indeed, so generous are we, and so endless is our bounty, that we shall provide treats (including, but not limited to, beverages, pizza, and probably even some Halloween candy), even if you are so apathetic and/or overworked that you do not show up in costume! Yes, that’s right—we provide fine things to all comers (unless your peers eat/drink it all before you arrive; another reason to not be too late to the meeting!).

So anyway, be sure to attend this week—in costume if you can, or at least clothed otherwise. We hope to see you there!

P.S. Yes, we’ll still be watching anime, of course!

RightStuf have announced that they now hold the license for domestic distribution of Turn-A Gundam; consequently, we will be removing it from our lineup until the commercially licensed version is available to us. (We hope to be able to return it to the lineup once it is available on disc sometime next year.) Please support the companies that license things for release here!

A replacement for the now-vacant slots remaining in the lineup will be decided upon soon.