Asian Health Professions Organiztion provides academic assistance, social camaraderie, peer support, and the means for students to prepare for their medical careers. Although founded with the concerns of Asian students in mind, AHPO welcomes students of any nationality and seeks to fulfill the needs of all members.


[Announcement] - As of Fall 2010, AHPO has a new website! Please visit UT-AHPO.Org for recent updates and more information!
[Reminder] - Be sure to stop by the AHPO JuicyTart Fundraiser that is going on all through April! Whenever you go to JuicyTart to get some delicious yougurt, be sure to tell them that you are with AHPO! Save your receipts to get your fundraiser points. If you happen to be lactose intolerant or not like yogurt, AHPO's Five Guys Fundraiser is coming up on April 15. Come by for burger and fries that day!

Also, make sure to keep up with your points to be active. The end of the year is coming up, so be sure to achieve active status before the banquet comes up.

[Announcement] - Be sure to check out the events AHPO is having. The next general meeting is on March 3 and the next family night is on March 10. On Friday, Feb 19 at 8-10pm, come to AHPO's Bowling/Billiards social at the Union. For updates of other events, go to the Events Page.
[Reminder] - AHPO meeting times have been changed to 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Please don't forget that meetings are in our new room located at PAI 2.48. PAI (Painter) is located on 24th Street near Welch. Please come by if you have time!
Do you want to see pictures of past AHPO events and meetings? You can view photos of those eventes on our AHPO Facebook profile or the 09-10 AHPO Picasa album.
Not sure which classes or professors to take? Look them up on our professor evaluations bank. You can view these evaluations on the 'academics' page under 'members' as well.
Missed a meeting? Go to any of the approved make-up meetings (usually a med-school lecture). Bring along this form and get it signed.